The Preparation Skin Workshop September 2021


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Starts 9th September 2021



The Skin Workshops are here by POPULAR DEMAND

I always show in my edit tutorials how I create my signature skin, and a lot of people miss how important the skin preparation that goes into the edit before I create the signature skin…so here is a broken down workshop, showing you step by step, how I prepare the skin for my signature skin techniques. I will be working along side you, with you, and guiding you.

In this class I will virtually hold your hand as much as you need me to in your process to learning how to create breathtaking perfect skin.

We will cover light, blemishes and frequency separation.

We will work on the preparation step by step for 2 weeks. Giving you plenty of time to perfect your new skill, or just brush up on your technique.

You can jump from this workshop straight to the next one where we will be working on my signature skin technique. THIS is the workshop collection you do NOT want to miss!

You will be given a choice of my images to edit from, the images will have been edited to the point of skin preparation

Please come back here after purchase to view the tutorials and join the facebook link and password to join. You are responsible for joining the facebook group so please make sure you join