Magical Blur Set (outdoor)



Most photographers want to achieve those beautiful blurry backgrounds, and for one reason or another it just does not always happen in camera. We can spend hours adding blur into images and cloning around the halo – well NO MORE!!

Included are 2 blur actions-one more natural and one with extra blur and a banding action just in case you get any extra banding from the Mega Blur.

These actions are created using lens blur the action will give a more believable blur to your images.

There may be some easy masking involved

Please note you need 2018 or above version of photoshop to use these actions. If you are unsure if your photoshop is compatible just go to select in the top menu and see if you can use ‘select subject’ , content aware fill and lens blur .

NO refunds due to the nature of the product. All purchases from are for personal use only and sharing any content is strictly forbidden.