Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access My Membership Subscription?

Look at the top of the page. Left side for Essential membership (all access to video tutorials) right side Surprise membership (surprise gifts every month)

Can I Download My Tutorials?

No, all videos are only viewable on the website.

I Didn't Get An Email After I Purchased A Single Edit Tutorial, What Do I Do?

You will not receive an email after purchasing a tutorial as they are viewable online. If you require an invoice please contact me and I will happily send you an invoice.

How Long Do I Have To Download My Digital Products?

You have 30 days. But do not worry. If it has been longer than 30 days just send me your order number and I will resend your products.

How Much Do You Charge For Editing Service?

It all depends on the work you want doing, it is anything from £4.50-£15. Just ask and I will happily help.

Where Do I View My Individual Tutorials I Purchased?

Make sure you are signed in and go to the edit tutorials page, click on your purchased tutorial and you will be able to view it

Do I Need To Buy Any Single Tutorials With The Essential Subscription?

No! ALL tutorials are included in the subscription

How Do I Use The Actions

Head to the actions page and scroll down, there is a short tutorial showing you how.

How Do I View Which Tutorials Are Included In The Essential Membership Subscription?

Go to the edit tutorials page ! All of the tutorials that appear there are included in your subscription.

Do I Need To Purchase Any Actions To Watch The Tutorials?

NO! The only action you will need is the perfect soft skin action which is free to download